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Online Meetups

Here’s some free or affordable ways that children can interact online.


A modern take on old chat channels. Servers are created for: gaming groups, language learning, worldwide art community, or just a handful of friends that want to spend time together. Servers can be public or private. Discord makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often. Works with both PC and Macs, on an app or straight in a browser. There is even a downloadable mobile app. Age 13+.
Get Discord here.
Discord Safety Information.

Facebook Messenger

It’s likely you came to this website via Facebook, and if you have Facebook, there is also the option of downloading the Facebook Messenging App and linking it to your Facebook account. The app allows you to text one-to-one or in a group, video chat, voice calls and share photos and files. Video chats can be fun as there are game additions that can be used so you’re playing games whilst video chatting. Age 13+.
Download Facebook Messenger.
Messenger Safety & Privacy.

Facebook Messenger KIDS

Messenger Kids is a version of Facebook Messenger but for children younger than 13 who want to interact with each other, parents and other family members. Parents set up and manage their child’s Messenger Kids account through their own Facebook account. They can control their child’s contact list by adding contacts to a Messenger Kids account.
Download Facebook Messenger KIDS.
Messenger KIDS Safety & Privacy.


Got a chess player? Got a friend who’s a chess player? They can play online for free here. Just start a game and share the link with a friend to join. Games come with a private text chat facility alongside the board. Play chess here.


Popular building and exploration game. If both of you are on compatible versions of Minecraft (Java/pocket edition) one of you can set up a Realm and others can join in the virtual realm world to play. Why not set each other challenges, collaborate on a big build or play a minigame? PEG 7+. Please note that Legacy Console versions do not have the ability to cross play.

Click here to see which versions are available and if you click on compare platforms and features an extensive drop down menu will show you which versions are compatible.


Live online classes for kids, many on fun topics (always plenty for Pokémon and Harry Potter fans), as well as academic subjects, all led by experienced online tutors. You could arrange with a friend to be in the same one-time or recurring class, which generally includes relevant discussion. Parents: classes are reasonably priced and there is a referral scheme where you can get credit for future lessons when your referees take their first class. The site is US focussed but has teachers elsewhere, including the UK. Some classes might be at unsuitable times, due to time differences, but older kids might like an evening class?
Outschool site here.
Outschool safety information.
Outschool privacy policy.

Thinkers Meetup

Live, online classes taught by experts who are enthusiastic and creative. Classes for young bright thinkers worldwide. Sign up for the same class as your friends!
ThinkersMeetup here.
ThinkersMeetup privacy policy.


WhatsApp enables video calls, voice calls, voice messages, individual and group chats, photo and file sharing and more. It has enhanced communication privacy and uses end-to-end encryption, your messages are not stored on their servers. Users’ messages are protected from impostors. However, the platform has been acquired by Facebook and Facebook’s privacy policy is under a lot of scrutiny. So that is a consideration. Age 16+.
Get WhatsApp here.
WhatsApp safety tips.
WhatsApp security.


Designed for video conferencing, this online platform is free, although there are more advantages for the priced options. Sessions can be 1-1 or group and can involve video, audio, text chat, screen sharing and interactive whiteboard. You do not have to join meetings with video turned on, nor the audio. Sign up, then generate a link and share it with only those you want to meet with online. You can screen share videos and discuss favourite things. Maybe kids can run their own book group or film discussion class? Or you could arrange for tutoring to happen online. There is a slight delay, which does unfortunately make any kind of music performance over Zoom a challenge, however it’s good for most things.
Zoom here.
Zoom security.

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